Field Study Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is a field study course different from a regular course?
A field study course packs all of the 48 contact-hours of a traditional course into eight adventure-filled days, so you can earn three credits in about one week. In addition, rather than taking place in an education center, a field study course takes place in a historical European city where the subject being studied has its roots. You will visit historical sites and museums as well as participate in lectures that bring it all together for a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Field study courses are also scheduled during registration weeks, so they shouldn't interfere with your traditional courses.

What is the difference between the upper- and lower-level options of a field study course?
Each field study course may be taken for three upper- or lower-level undergraduate credits. Students may receive credit for each field study course at only one level (for example, if you have already taken ARTH 199C "Modern Art in London," you may not receive credit for ARTH 489C "Modern Art in London"). The level you choose determines the amount of work you will have to do. Generally, upper-level students are required to complete the same assignments as the lower-level students, with the addition of a research project due a few weeks after the course has ended. Please note that once the course begins, you will not be able to switch your registration from upper- to lower-level or vice versa.

How does a field study course apply toward my degree program?

HIST, ARTH, HUMN, and ENGL field study courses may apply to the arts and humanities general education requirements (GERs). HIST and ARTH field study courses can fulfill the arts and humanities historical perspective requirement. (Note: The two courses used for the arts and humanities GERs must be from different disciplines.)

Field study courses may also apply to certain majors, minors, Associate of Arts curricula, foreign language certificates, or as elective credits. Before enrolling, you should contact a UMUC academic advisor to determine how a course may apply toward a specific degree program.

How and when may I register?

You may register for a field study course with your local program coordinator or online at MyUMUC. You may apply tuition assistance or financial aid toward tuition costs. For more information, contact the UMUC Europe Field Study Office at CIV +49-(0)631-534-800, or e-mail

Unlike traditional courses, you may register for a field study course up to two months prior to the registration deadline for that course. Because class sizes are limited, students are encouraged to register early for field study courses; this also allows adequate time for textbooks to be delivered and read before the course begins.

How much does a course cost?
Tuition for a field study course is the same as a regular 3 credit course. You will also be required to purchase textbooks for the course. In addition, UMUC offers a flat rate of $650, which covers seven nights in a hotel (see below) and transportation and admission to all museums and exhibits. Other costs associated with field study courses (which will not be collected by UMUC) may include items such as transportation to and from the field study site, meals, and spending money.

What does the $650 hotel accommodation fee cover?
The hotel accommodation fee covers your double-occupancy hotel stay for seven nights, which usually includes a continental breakfast. If you prefer a single room, it can be arranged with advance notice and at an additional cost of $200. This option is only available if space allows. In addition, hotel accommodation fees include items such as museum entrance fees or travel fees for excursions taken as part of the course. The hotel accommodation fee does not cover transportation to or from the field study site, textbooks, or most meals.

May I make my own hotel arrangements and waive the fee?
Our preference is that you stay in the hotel with the other students. This helps create a better class environment and is logistically easier for everyone. If you need to make alternate arrangements, please e-mail us in order to coordinate the arrangements.

May I bring a friend or family member with me?
Field study courses are an intensive learning experience, and we expect you'll be quite absorbed in the course content during the week. Our recommendation is if you want to share the learning experience with your family member, you both sign up for the course. Due to liability reasons, only students officially enrolled or auditing the course are allowed to attend the excursions.

What is the minimum age required to participate?
All students must be at least 18 years old to participate in a field study course.

How do I find out if the course is a "go?"
By the registration deadline, the Field Study Office will have decided whether the course will "go" or be cancelled, based on the number of enrollments. Sometimes this can be determined at an earlier date providing enrollments are high. Registered students should refer to the field study website for updates. You may also contact the Field Study Office directly at Please note, however, that it is your responsibility to verify with your program coordinator or the Field Study Office that the course is a "go." UMUC Europe will not assume responsibility for travel costs, delayed graduation dates, or any other misfortune that may befall you as a result of your travel to a field study site when the course has been cancelled.

Does UMUC Europe provide transportation to and from the course site?
Because field study students are traveling to the course site from any number of locations, we are not able to provide or arrange transportation to or from the field study course site. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the course location.

What if I have to cancel my field study registration?
If, for any reason, you have to cancel before the registration deadline, all fees will be refunded and there will be no penalty. If you have to cancel from the course after the registration deadline, you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee, but your tuition and other fees will be refunded. Once the course starts, full fees will be charged for cancellations. If you have to cancel after the registration deadline for duty-related reasons, provide TDY orders or a note from your commander and the $100 cancellation fee will be waived.

How do I contact the Field Study Office?
We welcome your inquiries. Contact us at: