How to Get Started - GEM

Searching and registering for classes is simple when using your AF Portal and MyUMUC. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Apply for admission to UMUC through MyUMUC*.
  2. View UMUC Europe GEM Courses or talk to a local UMUC Europe program coordinator or education counselor about applicable courses.
  3. Search the current UMUC Europe schedule to find on-site GEM courses offered in your area, as well as online courses.
  4. Register for courses through MyUMUC.
  5. Go to the Air Force Portal and visit the Virtual Education Center. Click the GEM Plan Search in the left menu.
  6. Enter UMUC in the box for School Name and click search; when the listing for UMUC appears, click on Plan View and then Select Plan (under UMUC's name near the top of the page) to begin the GEM process.

*Your application fee will be waived if, when completing the application, you select non-degree seeking and then select CC of the Air Force when asked if you are pursuing an associate's degree at an alliance community college.