Adana - Incirlik Air Base - National Test Center

At the Adana National Test Center, you can take exams to demonstrate what you know and fast-track your degree.


  • Base: Incirlik Air Base
  • Education Center: USAF Incirlik Education Center
  • Building: 1001, 2nd Floor Room 118

Hours of Operation

By appointment, testing starts on 9 May 2018

Contact Information

Additional Information

Who is Eligible?

Examinations are available to DANTES-funded active duty military servicemembers and eligible civilian employees and, on a space available basis, to all other examinees who have a U.S. military ID card.

Please note: Eligible civilians will incur a fee for testing. Additionally, if you are active duty military or civilian and not currently enrolled with UMUC, you can have your online internet-based exams officially proctored for a $25 fee. You can pay for exam fees by credit or debit card.

Adana - Incirlik Air Base Available Tests & Testing Hours


CLEP Testing Schedule

Monday0930, 1300
Wednesday0930, 1300, 1900

How to Register

CLEP registration is a two-part process:

  1. Create an account, register for an exam, and receive a voucher registration ticket with CLEP College Board. Candidates must bring the corresponding CLEP registration ticket on the day of testing.

    Note: Active duty/reserve military members only will check a box that states they are eligible for DANTES-funded exams during the registration process.
    By selecting this and providing the necessary information, the exam total will be $0.00 when you confirm the order at the end of the registration process. If eligible DANTES-funded exam candidates do not select this box during the registration process, it will associate a fee with the exam.

  2. Schedule an appointment with your local NTC through the reservation system.


DSST Testing Schedule

Monday0930, 1300
Wednesday0930, 1300, 1900

How to Register

Schedule a testing time with your local NTC through the NTC reservation system. No pre-registration with DSST is required; an account can be created on the day of testing.

Proctored Exams

Proctored Exams Testing Schedule

Contact your NTC to check scheduling availability

How to Register

Contact your local NTC coordinator.