CCA Course Listing

Cloud Services and Technologies (CCA 610, 6 Credits)

Prerequisite: DCL 600. Master the concepts underlying cloud computing, cloud services, and cloud applications. Investigate and analyze the technologies and services of the cloud services industry, and distinguish between different cloud development environments. Evaluate the risk and the legal and regulatory compliance issues associated with cloud adoption while identifying the benefits of cloud infrastructure for the organization.

Cloud Management (CCA 620, 6 Credits)

Prerequisite: CCA 610. Explore the shift that cloud computing has created in internal business processes. Analyze the business and management processes associated with implementing a cloud infrastructure. Address implementation issues such as accounting and budgeting, corporate buy-in, procurement and contracting, negotiating service-level agreements, user training, and vendor management. Prepare a proposal for cloud migration and a Request for Proposal to vendors. Analyze vendor responses and prepare a cloud service contract.

Cloud Infrastructure Planning, Design, and Configurations (CCA 630, 6 Credits)

Prerequisite: CCA 620. Apply the underlying concepts, standards, and technologies of cloud computing (including virtualization, containers, cloud data management, cloud programming models, cloud analytics applications, interoperability, portability, and software development) to the planning, design, and configuration of a cloud infrastructure. Prepare policies and documents to plan and design a cloud infrastructure successfully. Perform baseline configurations on the cloud environment to satisfy business requirements.

Cloud Computing Migrations and Implementations (CCA 640, 6 Credits)

Prerequisite: CCA 630. Implement and configure a cloud environment based on specifications. Migrate existing IT systems to the cloud, and configure new systems or services to enhance business operations. Manage the implementation of the cloud to ensure successful deployment. Configure features for elasticity, availability, and scalability in hands-on projects using industry- leading cloud platforms.

Capstone: Cloud Computing Orchestration (CCA 670, 6 Credits)

Prerequisite: CCA 640. Assume the role of a cloud computing architect. Implement advanced features of the cloud platform, including auditing and logging, cloud orchestration, service catalog, and cloud metering and billing. Investigate, plan, and implement these features on a specific cloud platform.