Graduate Certificates

Choose from our graduate certificates to develop credentials that will help set you apart from the crowd.

A graduate certificate is a professional credential that represents the successful completion of graduate-level study in a specific area. UMUC Europe offers nine IT certificate programs and one cybersecurity technology certificate.

The certificates are designed specifically for individuals who are updating current knowledge and skills, enhancing existing credentials, or working toward a master's degree. Each five-course, 15 credit IT certificate can typically be completed in one year. The graduate certificate in cybersecurity technology requires 18 credits of coursework and can typically be completed in one year.

Initial Requirement

  • Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC (0 Credits, UCSP 615)
  • The cybersecurity technology certificate does not require UCSP 615.
  • UCSP 615 must be taken within the first 6 credits of study.
  • UCSP 615 may be waived if you previously earned a graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution. For more information, contact your academic advisor.

Cybersecurity Technology Certificate

Database Systems Technology Certificate

Required Courses

  • Relational Database Systems (3 Credits, DBST 651)
  • Advanced Relational/Object-Relational Database Systems (3 Credits, DBST 652)
  • Distributed Database Management Systems (3 Credits, DBST 663)
  • Data Warehouse Technologies (3 Credits, DBST 665)
  • Database Systems Administration (3 Credits, DBST 670)

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Foundations of Information Technology Certificate

Homeland Security Management Certificate

Informatics Certificate

Required Courses

  • ITEC 610 must be taken in the first term of coursework.

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Information Assurance Certificate

Project Management Certificate

Required Courses

  • PMAN 634 must be taken as the first course.
  • MGMT 640 or ITEC 640 (or an approved course in finance) and MGMT 650 (or an approved course in statistics) must be taken before PMAN 635.
  • PMAN 635 must be taken before PMAN 637 and PMAN 639.

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Software Engineering Certificate

Required Courses

  • Modern Software Methodologies (3 Credits, SWEN 603)
  • Software Requirements (3 Credits, SWEN 645)
  • Software Design and Implementation (3 Credits, SWEN 646)
  • Software Verification and Validation (3 Credits, SWEN 647)
  • Usability Engineering (3 Credits, SWEN 651)

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Systems Engineering Certificate

Required Courses

  • Systems Engineering Overview (3 Credits, SYSE 610)
  • Requirements Engineering (3 Credits, SYSE 620)
  • System Design and Development (3 Credits, SYSE 630)
  • System Integration and Test (3 Credits, SYSE 640)
  • Systems Engineering Management (3 Credits, SYSE 660)

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Telecommunications Management Certificate

Required Courses

  • Information Systems Infrastructure (3 Credits, ITEC 626)
  • Telecommunications Industry: Structure and Environment (3 Credits, TLMN 602)
  • Telecommunications Networks (3 Credits, TLMN 623)
  • Network Management and Design (3 Credits, TLMN 641)
  • Wireless Telecommunications Systems (3 Credits, TLMN 645 )

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